An Introduction

Welcome To A Jackals Voice. The intention of this blog is to be an outlet for myself and others on topics that are not generally discussed...

Friday, 6 January 2017

An Introduction

Welcome To A Jackals Voice.

The intention of this blog is to be an outlet for myself and others on topics that are not generally discussed. A lot of what is shared here is from my own personal experience and viewpoints, but I would like this blog to grow into a place where everyone feels safe to talk about what troubles them. I intend to share advice and stories that hopefully readers can relate to, along with providing a place for people to communicate and share their own experiences.
I decided to create this Blog after a lot of thought, for a long time I've felt like I have things to say, but did not feel like anyone would listen. Recently I've been going through some struggles in regards to my Mental Health, and it has brought a few things to my attention. Things such as the general isolation that such conditions can bring. The overwhelming amount of medical diagnosis sites that offer little more than a detailed description of what might ail you. The lack of stories out there from people that are suffering detailing how they feel and experience the world. Mental Health in my opinion, is not something like a broken leg or a disease. It effects personality, mood, perception. In some cases, it is just part of who you are, and reading medical articles has only succeeded in making me feel abnormal. As a result, I decided to try and make a small space fore people to talk.

Anyone with a mental condition will have heard, either through a friend or a doctor, that; 'There are many people out there that are struggling too. You are not alone'. I'd like to think I'm not the only person that has found this frustrating. It is all well and good to tell us that there are other people struggling, but the problem is those that suffer tend not to talk about it openly. This applies to many conditions of the mind. The symptoms themselves can make it challenging for people to speak openly about themselves, and the social stigma that surround Mental Health is suffocating in itself. Therefore, I intend for this Blog to be just that. A voice, so that people can talk about the things that bother them and, perhaps in the process, help others to understand.

Future posts will be a mixture of my own life stories, my own condition and how it affects my life. I would also like to put forward some views towards certain conditions. I make no claims to be a medically qualified individual, but I can say that I have at least twenty years of experience of mental conditions. I would like to stress that everything here is only my personal opinions and research, and I would encourage people to seek out other sites too as I am not a qualified doctor. I would also be open to other people sending me their own stories or views, the more the merrier.

In regards to the name, I did not choose it solely due to its similarity to my own name. I chose a Jackal because the creatures themselves are rather solitary animals. They live in secluded areas and generally avoid human confrontation. A fitting Metaphor for Social Anxiety in my eyes.

A Jackals Voice

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