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Friday, 6 January 2017

My Anxiety

Anxiety. A word I have become far too familiar with over the last few years. I have been told that it is something that everyone experiences to some degree, but I feel that the word Anxiety is too often used to describe an Anxiety disorder. This miscommunication can become misleading in my experience, as the two terms are very different.

The term Anxiety is described as; 'a state of uneasiness about what may happen', according to the Collins English Dictionary. People may feel anxious about starting a new job, moving home or even asking another individual for a date. These examples I'm sure everyone can relate to. In such cases, people tend to try to fight their fears and continue, and that is how we learn to cope with certain situations. In the medical sense, anxiety is part of the nature 'fight or flight' response in humans. Our muscles tense, our senses heighten and we prepare to deal with whatever is coming our way. this is perfectly normal, and at some point everyone will experience this response. However, what happens when this natural response misfires? Then we are approaching the realms of an Anxiety Disorder.


I have some form of anxiety disorder, most easily described as social anxiety. For me anxiety manifests in uncontrollable movements, slurred or stuttered speech, irritability, severe chest pains and nausea, to name a few symptoms. As you can see, these are very Physical symptoms for a Mental condition. In my own case, during times when my anxiety starts to spike, I quite often do not experience the regular thought patterns that all the information leaflets describe. I do not think my world is ending. I do not think everyone is judging me. To be quite honest, the only times my thoughts turn to this line of thinking is after my physical symptoms start to show. Therefore the only thing I'm anxious about is..... well becoming anxious.

I read somewhere that if you fear only fear itself, then you must be very brave. This, I've found, is not true. On any given day I can become fearful of showing symptoms in response to anything, from a snarling dog to an irregular floor pattern. (Yes, that last one is a real trigger) Trying to explain to another person why you are suddenly stuttering, or why you physically can not enter a room is rather difficult when you don't actually have an explanation. Sometimes I just can't figure out what is triggering my response, but I know if I don't remove myself from the area I'm going to deteriorate rapidly. Anxiety Disorders, in my opinion and experience, are not fears, but rather physical and mental responses to external stimuli, and some of the responses are horrific to live through.

I'd like to hear about your experiences. My own symptoms have come and gone and reappeared and changed multiple times. How do you experience it? Do you know a friend that has a seemingly inappropriate response to everyday situations? Leave a comment or feel free to e-mail me with your own symptoms and experiences.

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