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Thursday, 9 February 2017


It has now been almost four months since I was made unable to work. In that time I've been referred to a Mental Health Team, I've had various blood tests and I've had an MRI scan performed. The pills that have been prescribed are not working as they used too as I am becoming tolerant and I require more to get the same effect. I am not improving as I'd hoped and I still do not have a confirmed diagnosis for my current condition. My anxiety and hallucinations are still issues, but I have learnt to cope with them. Not knowing what is going on with my mind right now is starting to get to me. For someone with anxiety I would like to think I am relatively calm, but I can't help but get frustrated.

Diagnosis is difficult when it comes to Mental Health. Every condition has various spin-offs that make it difficult to pin down. Before I knew I had anxiety I went to the doctor and ended up taking anti-depressants. I wasn't depressed, I'm still not now, but the pills were prescribed due to my symptoms. As it turned out I had to stop taking them, I found they made me feel disconnected from reality. Strangely I'd still rather have anxiety than feel like that. Eventually it was concluded that I was having panic attacks because of my anxiety and more appropriate medication was given. The point is that there is a lot of trial-and-error as it is difficult to know exactly what is wrong with any given person. It takes time to get treatment, and even then it can still be wrong.
Anyone that has a condition can tell you that it is a long process. I wasn't officially diagnosed with psychosis until I was 20. I knew something was wrong but I tried to just ignore it. Only after some light pressure from friends and family did I go to get a diagnosis but even that took over a month. Until someone has a diagnosis there is little that can be done, aside from possibly masking the symptoms. With a diagnosis at least you know what to tell people and you can start to work with it.

The Mental Health team I'm working with are all very nice people, and it's nice to know I have someone to turn to should I need help. However I am finding that even with their input I am not improving. Again, no diagnosis limits what can be done. It upsets me that it is taking so long not just because of my own symptoms, but because I know so many other people struggle. I'm regularly told that my team is busy with other patients and that they don't have all that many staff. It troubles me that a Medical group that is effectively a lifeline to those with mental conditions is so swamped with work.
Part of the reason I started this blog was to help with awareness. Mental Health should not be a taboo topic. I'm beginning to realize that it is not just a social problem. Mental Health, in my opinion, is underfunded and under researched. Unacceptable doesn't quite cut it. Anyone can develop a condition and I fully believe that there are thousands of un-diagnosed cases. Statistics alone show an upward trend worldwide and yet where is the support? I'm not sure if more people are becoming mentally ill or if people are now noticing symptoms that they previously ignored, just like I did with my hallucinations. With this surge in cases there should be a surge in funding. I feel bad for my team, every time they visit I can see that they care, but I don't know there is little they can do about it. I feel bad because I know it is not only me out there that doesn't know what to do.

Mental Health doesn't just impact sufferers. It impacts relationships, friendships, family. It can make a simple shopping trip feel like a marathon. However it is not only personal relations that are put under strain. The healthcare system is desperately trying to keep up and that itself is of great concern. A primary cause of many mental and physical conditions is stress. Consider the amount of people in the medical profession that are understaffed and underfunded. The people that are here to help need help. It is ridiculous.

I'm going to be doing a little research into charities over the next few weeks to try and find some good causes. The healthcare system clearly needs help, and they only way that will happen is if we do something about it. Any groups or charities that I find will be posted on this blog along with a description of what they do. If there are any charities out there that you know of or support please feel free to message me or post in the comments below and I will add them to the list.

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