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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Mental Health Awareness Week

This week has been Mental Health Awareness week. The theme this year has been 'Surviving or Thriving?'. It's an interesting topic to explore as it encourages people to look at themselves and others to see just how well they are coping. Of course, Mental Health Awareness Week is not just about helping those that have Mental health issues, but to broaden ideas and reduce the associated stigma.

For me, this week is a time when people from all walks of life should be able to come together and talk about the issues which are so often ignored or avoided. It is a time for sharing thoughts, and an opportunity to step out of the shadows. Anyone with Mental Health issues can tell you that discussing their problems can be a very daunting task. You can never know how people will react, or if they will even believe you.  However, during this time I would like to think that people can be more open about themselves, or at the very least expect to be heard. More importantly, I would like to think that this week has prompted people without mental conditions to ask questions. I know a lot of people and one thing that I can say for certain is that people without conditions feel bad asking about someone else's condition. I can understand this, and I also understand some suffers simply do not want to talk about their troubles, but at this time it is incredibly important that everyone, on both sides of the spectrum speak up.
Nothing can change until it is acknowledged.