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Welcome To A Jackals Voice. The intention of this blog is to be an outlet for myself and others on topics that are not generally discussed...

Authors and Guests

Welcome to the Author and Guest page of A Jackals Voice.

Here I will listing other author's and advocates of Mental Health Awareness that have posted on the Blog. However, anyone can potentially be added to this Page provided they share their own stories.
If you enjoy any of my writing, I would highly recommend checking out these other writers.

Jay Chirino

Bio: Jay Chirino is a writer and mental health advocate, soon to publish the novel The Flawed Ones, a in depth exploration into the struggles of mental illness through the eyes of the patients. You can register to receive a free copy now at
Really wonderful writer and Author that I've had the pleasure of working with. Check out his website and Blog in the above Bio, or if you'd prefer follow his Twitter @theflawedones.

Just A Girl

Bio: Cat loving, Tiara wearing secret snapchat queen. I write and blog as therapy....both for me and hopefully for others....I hope you can identify with my story.....welcome to the world of Just a girl....
Twitter: @Justagirl2017x

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