An Introduction

Welcome To A Jackals Voice. The intention of this blog is to be an outlet for myself and others on topics that are not generally discussed...

Contact And Information

My name is Jack McKay.

I was born in Portsmouth England in 1994. I have moved up and down the country several times but am currently living in Shropshire. I'm an advocate for Mental Health Awareness due to my own experience. I would like to think I am an approachable person, I enjoy listening to peoples life stories, it's good to hear how others cope day to day. I am against any and all violence, sometimes to my own detriment. I'm not religious but I can fully appreciate the value that it holds in some peoples lives. I'm an avid reader and aspiring writer.

Otherwise, I'm a decidedly average guy with a few mental hiccups, trying to do something positive.

Birthday:    27th August 1994

Education:  Chester University Graduate




Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have about the blog or myself. I'm currently looking to expanding the blog to cover more areas and make it more accessible for more readers. If you have any Ideas about the blog or would like to submit some ideas for stories please message me.

Please Entitle all E-mails 'A Jackals Voice', This will make it easier to identify and reply to you.

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